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Melinda Nielsen

University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Scheduling Coordinator
Amherst, Massachusetts
I am a recovering social democrat. Still-social democrat friends and family ask me for the concrete details of a free society, and I don't have many answers, but I am clear on non-aggression. I love learning, dancing, meeting new people and ideas, and off-road cycling. I don't love grappling with ADHD, but it's teaching me (slowly!) to work with reality as it is.

I am also a recovering sexual person. Several months ago my therapist asked me if I had considered that I might be asexual. I didn't even know such a thing existed, but it explained a lot of things about my life. I felt the dart of Truth pierce my heart. I founded a local meet-up for asexuals, and am on a mission to educate the public that asexuality exists, it's a normally-occurring part of the bell curve of human sexuality (around 1%), and it is as ​"legitimate" and acceptable as any other sexuality. Feel free to say, "Hi," and ask me about asexuality or any other sexual minority issues.