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Friday, June 27 • 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Humans vs Zombies

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Humans vs. Zombies is a game of tag. All players begin as humans, and three may volunteer to be the zombies. It is not required, but it is recommended that at least one adult is to be a zombie so there can be a contrast between the age groups. If three people do not volunteer, three people will be selected to be the zombies.

 The Objective

  • All humans except for one to be turned into zombies. Once the last man standing is determined, the game ends.


  • A bandana to symbolize which team you are on.
  • Foam dart blasters, socks, marshmallow launchers, foam swords, and anything that can be deemed safe to hit people with.

Safety Rules

We all want to have fun while playing HvZ, so it is always good that nobody gets hurt while playing. Here are some of the rules to help keep injuries to a minimum.

  • Be sure to bring shoes you can run in. You don’t want to trip and fall in the campground when there are zombies chasing you.
  • Weapons must not hurt on impact.
  • If someone has been shot or tagged, do not continue to shoot or tag them.

Safe Zones

There are some places where humans and/or zombies can rest. These are counted as “safe zones”, as they are areas where the game is not in effect. Tagging someone in these areas are not counted as turns/stuns. Players within these zones cannot ‘camp’ in a manner of speaking. Players can stay in these zones for 15-30 minutes at maximum. Zombies/humans are not to crowd these areas in wait of someone coming out. Be mindful of your peers.

  • Bathrooms
  • Food vendors
  • Tent sites
  • Other events

Human Rules

The survivor team comprised of those who are to brave the apocalypse. Human players can be determined by the headband around their arm or leg.

  • Stunning a Zombie: Humans can stun a zombie by shooting them with their foam dart blaster, throwing a sock at them, or hitting them with a melee weapon.
  • When tagged: When tagged by a zombie, the human is to remove their headband from their arm, and place it on their head. A tag is a firm grasp, rather than a graze. A zombie can’t just pat someone on the shoulder to turn them.

Zombie Rules

The undead horde comprised of the unlucky souls who were infected from the start. Zombies can be determined by the headband around their head.

  • Feeding: When a human turns into a zombie, they have an unnatural hunger for brains. To turn a human into a fellow zombie, the zombie must grasp a human. Grazing does not count as turning, as stated in the human rules.
  • Being Stunned: When a human player shoots you with a dart, hits you with a foam sword or a sock you are counted as being “stunned”. Once stunned, you are to kneel on the ground and count to 30 out loud. Fast counting is not aloud.

Miscellaneous Rules

  • Do not blast/tag non-players.
  • Non-players are not to interfere with gameplay. This includes but is not limited to spying for either team, or trying to stun a zombie/tag a human if they are not participating.
  • Players are not to guard safe zones or camp at safe zones. Any action taken within the safe zone is not counted as taking place in-game.
  • Zombies are not to use equipment of any sort. This includes shields and weapons. Neither humans nor zombies are allowed to use shields of any sort. A zombie ducking for cover behind a tree, camp sight, or any type of environment does not count as using a shield.
  • Be mindful of Rogers Campground and Porcfests rules as well.


We hope you have fun…and happy hunting.


Jeremy Harris

Lead Indie Designer, Black Flame Studios

Friday June 27, 2014 1:00pm - 6:00pm EDT

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