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Big Head Press

Booth 5
Big Head Press is publisher of "thoughtful stories" told in graphic format. That is, comics. Our thoughtful stories are of the sci-fi of one flavor or another, but the common theme across our titles is the idea that a free society is better than a controlled one. Libertarian utopia, or cautionary tale for power seekers, our stories strive to entertain while showing the reader why freedom makes for better outcomes.

We published our first print graphic novel, "A Drug War Carol" by Susan Wells and Scott Bieser, in the fall of 2003. This book was followed by another print graphic novel, "The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel" by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser, in 2004 (which won a Prometheus award for that year). In May 2006, we expanded into the online comics market offering full length graphic novel stories, with new pages released daily.

Since then, we've published 10 online graphic novels and serial stories (with 11 in print). Starting September of 2008, we moved into the daily strip genre with the sci-fi action adventure story, "Escape From Terra", by Sandy Sandfort, Scott Bieser, and Lee Oaks. NOTE: We will be selling the 3 printed volumes of "Escape From Terra" as a set at a great price.

Following on EFT's success, we began a second sci-fi action strip, "Quantum Vibe", by Scott Bieser. "Quantum Vibe" has proven to be our most popular story to date with new readers finding out about us every day.

"Quantum Vibe" creator, Scott Bieser is attending Porcfest this year and will be available to autograph books. Come see us at booth 5 starting Wednesday.

We accept BTC and FRNs.