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John Franceschi

Liquid solids control
Blackstone, Massachusetts
I dont know if anybody even reads these things but here it goes.. I was born and raised in Massachusetts right above Rhode island in a little town called Blackstone. I experienced many things growing up, as we all do. Much of elementary school i was a shy but nice kid. When i turned 10 i started racing in a junior league at F1 Boston. I did this for a few years winning several trophies and had a great time. Ever since i have been in love with racing and cars. Shortly after that i joined the Civil air patrol which i was a proud member of for 2 years. Through that i experienced public service by working at events such as airshows. I also went through a week long basic training. One of the biggest points in my life was choosing to go to Blackstone Valley Tech for high school as my dad had done. I've always been interested in how things work so i aimed at setting out to find out by becomming the very person who figured it out, an engineer. So i took drafting. It has recently landed me a great co-op job working for liquid solids in upton mass. I bet this is more detail then anyone needs to kno but I had a good time writing it it brought up some memories. Im always interested in having a good time and meeting new people. Hit me up if u like what u see i get along with virtually anybody. til then.. peace