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Dennis Pratt

Personal Growth Network
Boston, MA
I am passionate about human freedom -- internal and external. The more we can free ourselves from artificial constraints, whether they are internal or external, the more easily we can achieve more of our potential. I long to help others free themselves from artificial internal and external constraints, and I seek to minimize the artificial constraints imposed upon our children. I yearn to see ever more freedom in our lifetime, creating momentum that our children will accelerate towards a future in which all humans enjoy their rightful freedom to share their unique beauty in the world.

I am so thankful for all the progress the liberty movement has enjoyed -- the increased knowledge and understanding of ethics, economics, and politics, the wider recognition from the public at large, the additional supporters who join our movements, the worthy projects inspired people like you have created, and the questioning and circumventing of government institutions of coercion (especially government schools). PorcFest is a joyous celebration of your efforts and love -- recognizing us as we create one of the most free communities of autonomous individuals on the face of the earth.

My efforts have three highly interconnected foci: internal freedom; educational freedom; and, external freedom.

On my internal freedom side, I am the founder of the Personal Growth Network, a Greater Boston group of over 30 workshop organizers offering hundreds of workshops that consciously explore better lives for ourselves and for the people we love. I am also City Director of Insight Seminars, one of the 30 types of workshops offered.

On my educational freedom side, I ran an Afterschoolers board (Motto: "Parents consciously supplementing their child's education") for five years, founded the Fathering Forum in New England (Motto: "Fathering as a Team Sport"), and started Parents Decide (Motto: "My money? My child? My decision!"). I currently run Alternatives to Public School, which is gathering together parents and children seeking alternatives to the one-size-fits-few government school with education entrepreneurs who are starting those alternatives. My 15 YO daughter currently home schools, spending her time between a "learning center" of similarly self-directed teens, three different jobs that give her a wide peek of where she wants to fit into the adult world, and exploring her passions.

And on my external freedom, I run Exploring the Ethics of Human Freedom, a meet up group that seminars topics around the ethics of violence versus peace in human interactions. I came to human freedom from the socialist side in 1980. I have explored political action, economic efficiency, and dropping out, and am currently focused on ethical keys to achieving human freedom.